Idle Coin Clicker Bugs

So, right away I noticed a few bugs. The game isn't even published yet but when I asked a friend to try, he pointed out a simple but grave mistake, among other things. List of known bugs: It needs 8 coins/s upgrades to actually gain 1 coins/s upgrade.Screen resolution scaling is whack.The spinning coin is … Continue reading Idle Coin Clicker Bugs

So I'm releasing my first mobile game on the Play Store. It's going to take a while until it actually comes out for the public. It is a very simple idle game where you click for coins and use said coins for upgrades to get more coins. Very simple, right? I'm planning on using this … Continue reading


First post I've had this thing for quite a while but I've been leaving it empty this whole time so I think it's time for a change. Imma use dis thing to post ideas. Well, concepts at least