Idle Coin Clicker Bugs

So, right away I noticed a few bugs.

The game isn’t even published yet but when I asked a friend to try, he pointed out a simple but grave mistake, among other things.

List of known bugs:

  1. It needs 8 coins/s upgrades to actually gain 1 coins/s upgrade.
  2. Screen resolution scaling is whack.
  3. The spinning coin is actually a 3D object which doesn’t mesh well with the other 2D components, also scaling is whack.
  4. Several UI elements tend to stack on top of each other or render outside of the screen.
  5. When you reach about 5k coins/s the coin spins so fast your refresh rate goes out the window, making it look like it stopped instead. In my tests, it went to 50k coins/s before doing that because I was using a fairly capable laptop.

Features I plan to add:

  1. The spinning coin will split upon reaching certain coins/s milestones.
  2. More coin rain, perhaps of different colours, or customizable colours.
  3. Music.
  4. More things in settings.
  5. Achievements.

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